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CEO's Message

At Takamul, it is our goal to create more value for the Sultanate of Oman and our company’s stakeholders by being a major contributor to the upstream industry downstream chain.
We are a young company charged with great responsibility – and our enthusiasm coupled with a flexible and professional approach has ensured that our existing projects and those under development are assets to the nation and its international partners, as well as being exciting, progressive and financially rewarding for all.

Takamul offers a wealth of experience and unmatched access to the local market. Working closely with major shareholder Oman Oil Company, we work with our industrial partners to promote and develop downstream opportunities for suitable foreign and local investors. We have a firm commitment to ensure our projects employ state-of-the-art technology, up-to-date managerial and industrial practices and a strong policy of environmental protection. In short, our goal is to ensure that our projects set the benchmark for downstream development across the nation.

Coupled with this is our pledge to create employment opportunities for Oman’s talented and large young population, whose exposure to technological innovation and industrial practices will ensure they are sought-after employees of the future.

Chief Executive Officer